Assignment from the ChucK course

Currently I am taking part at a ChucK online Course. Introduction to Programming for Musicians and Digital Artists.

As part of the course we have to make a small music piece every week, that is graded by the other students the successive week. I want to present one of these pieces her.

I named it ‘African Accordeon’ as it reminded me to a kind of accordeon with african percussion (after I was finished).

You can find the sourcecode at



Some experiments with triads.

Here the sourcecode:


a remix of snipplets i found on free sound. used audacity for the mixing.

another saxoflutes

this track uses the same patches as the one before but is a slightltly more complex.


This weekend i was playing around with ChucK. I created some patches and after that produced the following track using these patches in a kind of interactive programming session. In other words: That means, I had a chuck server running (chuck –loop) and added one or more of the patches in another terminal window (“chuck +” “chuck +” …)

Instruments: Instrument patch
Fast percussion: Percussion patch fast
Slow percussion: Percussion patch slow